Being an Introvert Can Be an Advantage

In many aspects of the business world, we reward people who are louder than others. Sometimes at the expense of them being correct! It’s just something that might be part of human nature — the most vocal people command the most attention.

Then again, there is something to be said for someone with quiet authority. Introverts in their personal life have some traits — not the least of which is analysis about themselves — that can be advantages in the workplace.

We looked at some recent articles about introverts in the business world and took away the parts that made the most sense to us. We wanted to share these ideas with you. We imagine you can see yourself (although you may not tell anybody).

The Great Aspects of Being an Introvert

In the workplace, there are several ways that being more introverted can be coveted. For instance:

You’re a great listener: The back that you aren’t the first one to tell all about what is happening with you is good. Your focus on listening, processing information, and being insightful when you speak will get you significant attention.

You have deep relationships: Introverts have a natural empathy that can impact others who share what is or isn’t working in the business world. Add in the tendency to work with gut feelings instead of the opinions of others and you have a great combination.

You adapt quickly: It may not come naturally to you, but you are more willing to learn the ropes and company processes. This means that patience is rewarded with a more significant knowledge base that you can then share (in your more quiet way) with others once you feel that confidence.

Giving Yourself a “Lifeline”

One of the more exciting ideas that experts have come up with is to find out how your brand positioning can be crafted, which can lead to more confidence in how you communicate.

That crafting can be arrived at with an exercise one expert calls “The Lifeline.” It’s a pretty simple: get a sheet of paper and then divide it between highs and lows into two columns, with a line in the middle separating those columns. Put the significant highs and lows of your life experience in each column.

You then look for patterns that might be a part of your personal life, either in a positive or negative light. Once you analyze and see what those great attributes are, then viola! You have a personal brand you can now use as part of how others see you in the workplace.

Get Some Help in Earning That Next Role

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