Things to Remember Before You Go to That Interview

It’s still one of the rituals of finding a new and more fulfilling role: the job interview. Whether it is virtual or in-person, there are some clear tactics to remember if you want your interview to be successful.

Certainly, there have been considerable changes in the way interviews are being conducted. Thanks to the hybrid/virtual emphasis that many companies are still a part of, being prepared goes beyond being prepped with the right look and materials to present.

We looked at some advice from experts in Fast Company and Forbes and found several recommendations that are definitely good ideas in this current employment climate. Here’s a look at what job candidates should be watching for as they head into an interview – online or otherwise.

Don’t Forget the Soft Skills
One trend that has been noted is more behavior-based questions in an interview rather than those that result in a reiteration of your career highlights. To that end, before the interview look at what skills the company is seeking and then already have an example for each time you used that skill professionally and how it was a positive. You are going beyond results into showing your leadership and your positive, success-driven attitude.

Ask A Bunch of Questions About the Company
One way to endear yourself to a future employer during that first contact is to ask about what is going on with the company. Prepare some thoughtful questions about the company after doing some research, and if there is a way to tie your skills to some solutions they are already seeking, then you are truly ahead of the game.

When Virtual, Look As If You Aren’t at Home
This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised what some prospective employers see! If it’s a virtual interview, be aware of the background and make sure it isn’t off-putting or cluttered. Make sure that all of your tech works a day before the interview. And make sure to dress your best (and yes, that does include no sweatpants even though they can only see you from the waist up).

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