Job Interview Tips To Help You Land That Role

Earning a new role goes beyond the no-brainers that most people consider: how you dress, your demeanor, experience and how much you love the company where you want to work.

There’s a lot that you can do before you get to that interview – early, not just on time — that can help cement your memory in the minds of your potential future employers. These tips we’re sharing may seem like some obvious ones, but the extra work you take to ensure they are followed will help your interviewers see the best version of you possible.

Learn Everything You Can About Them
Go beyond just a dash through their website and Twitter page. Take time to dig in and read everything on their main site, especially anything that would be specific to your role. You can also sign up for their email newsletter as well as Google the company name to see what kind of press they’ve earned or PR materials they’ve produced. Look at their competition as well, if that is relevant. The more you know, the more resonant your answers will be.

Work On Your Cues
There’s a lot that you say about your confidence in how you present yourself in the interview. Going beyond just dressing the part, do some simple things to make a great impression. Don’t go too crazy with perfume or cologne. No smoking before the interview. Make eye contact with your interviewers. Sit up straight like Mom and Dad say you should.

Practice How You Are Going To Respond
Have some answers prepared that relate to common themes — your experience and judgment; your strengths and especially weaknesses; examples of great wins and humbling defeats. Having concise but honest answers at the ready — in a natural, non-scripted way — will help with the nerves and boost your confidence.

Where Do You Want To Go Next?

With these tips as part of your arsenal for your next interview, you still have to ask yourself this question – where do you want to be in the first place? That’s something that we can help with.

True Talent Group can be a great partner in finding the next role that can truly transform your career and your life. We pride ourselves on understanding you – your goals, cultural needs, preferences and working style. We’re confident we can help.

Find out more about what we can do to help you along in your career — visit our website for more details.