5 Hiring Trends to Watch This Year

Now that we’re in 2023, there’s plenty to discuss regarding hiring trends. Every year is certainly different, but it’s easy to see that the changes in the economy and technology have combined to point toward some changes that hiring managers and prospective candidates should know.

Here’s a look at five trends we’re predicting as solid for the following year. Some of this is common sense in some ways, but at the same time, it’s good to get the lay of the land as you consider expanding your talent base.

Trend 1: Wages are on the rise
This is good news for job seekers, and part of it stems from the most recent data for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which noted that average hourly wages were up 4.8%. This means that employers will need to adjust accordingly since the market will be potentially crowded with people expecting more salaries for the work they can provide.

Trend 2: A return to a candidate-driven market
After the pandemic tipped the scales to employers, the tables seemed to turn back toward job seekers. This is because there is still relatively low unemployment and fewer people seeking roles. That competition means that benefit packages must be vital to attract the best and brightest for the few jobs left.

Trend 3: Skills and expertise are evolving
It doesn’t matter which type of role you seek to fill – that role has changed in several ways and will continue to evolve. Candidates must be robust about their tech knowledge, knowing the latest that can help with everything from digital marketing to data and analytics. Someone with the savvy to understand the changes in job approach will do exceptionally well in this market.

Trend 4: Hiring processes are getting streamlined

With it being a market driven by the candidates, time is more of the essence to fill those coveted positions. To that end, the endless cycle of interview after interview will be less likely. Maybe just a couple of interviews? And having at least one of those be virtual? Sounds like a plan for many companies that need to fill vacancies, especially for roles that require substantial expertise in a particular subject.

Trend 5: Employee retention rules all
This should be the truth all the time. But, with today’s climate, it is even more essential. Companies are trying to keep the top performers and brightest minds in a variety of ways, and especially in bringing them further into the decision-making process. Paying more attention to the best at the company is a trend that seems more coveted now than ever.

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