Are You an Oak or a Willow?


To begin 2021, I have an important question for you: 

Are you more like an Oak? Or a Willow? Don’t worry, I’m not becoming delirious due to pandemic isolation. It’s a real question!

You might first identify with a mighty Oak. But…. a Willow has a crucial advantage:


Willows remain standing after the storm, while the Oaks lay broken on the ground.

One of the biggest lessons we learned last year is also a key to our future success: we must bend, change, and be flexible.

One change that’s definitely worth embracing is working remotely. 

After going remote, many aren’t returning to the office—including True Talent Group. Increased productivity, more family time, and no commute stress are benefits too good to lose.

Here are some thoughts to help you adapt and have an incredible 2021:

If you’re hiring:

Move Fast. Minnesota unemployment is down to 4.4 percent and I believe it will continue to go down. Employers everywhere understand that remote work really works and are tapping into our incredible Midwest talent.

Be Flexible. There are lots of options including contract, part time, and interim to name a few. Employers could consider offering nontraditional work hours. With kids still at home, and many people wearing multiple hats these days, being flexible is key to keeping good employees.

If you’re looking to get hired:

Two words: Be patient. There’ll be more interviews, more Zoom meetings, and things will take longer than expected as we all figure out working remotely.

But don’t short yourself—companies will still pay top-dollar to the best talent around, whether in person or online.

So be a Willow. Embrace change. Show the future what you’re made of.

A final reminder: If you need help finding top professionals, True Talent Group is here for you. We’ll connect you with the perfect fit from our vetted pool of world class talent.

Cheers to an Incredible 2021!

In your corner,

Stacey Stratton