Ways You Can Assess Great Fit For a Role

There are numerous factors that go into hiring an employee that will make a lasting impact. Some might even say they are overwhelming.

So, it follows that focusing when you are in the hiring process is critical to finding that sometimes elusive right fit. It also goes beyond cultural things in common, although that’s certainly one of the factors to consider.

We looked around for advice on how to approach great fit, and we found several ideas that resonated with us in our work, so we wanted to share those with you

Really look at the job content

Taking a closer look at the skills needed to be successful in a role is important, but so is how that work is completed. How the work takes place and its role in work-life balance and true fulfillment is important to assess if that role suits them.

Determine the candidate’s needs

This is another spot where you can assess if the employee’s needs are shared by what the position offers. Recognition, the chance to lead, solving challenges and collegiality can all be factors that are as important as salary, for both parties.

Dig into their life experiences

Go beyond just how they’ve done at work and see if they have life experiences that resonate with the type of culture you are hoping to foster. The interview process is a great way to gain insight into the candidate.

Actually talk to references

Whether provided by the candidate or someone internally that may know them, listening to what those people say about a candidate’s cultural fit is important. Their honest assessments can be a window into how someone will react in the day-to-day work of a role.

Having a partner in the hiring process

As you continue to look for candidates that can be a great asset to your team, we can help your work through the entire process, realizing your needs and going by your own perceptions of the best fit.

We can help you search with an eye toward current trends and advise on conducting a smooth interview and hiring process. Finding the best talent is a skill, and we can help you find the best people for the most crucial roles in your company.

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