Return-to-Work: Making Smart Decisions that Retain and Attract Top Talent

The Return-to-Work question is on everyone’s mind right now. New timeframes, re-imagined office configurations and safety precautions are all factors in the new normal. But when half of workers surveyed reported they will quit their current position if expected to fully return to the office, the Return-to-Work question for business leaders and marketing hiring managers has two critical parts:

One—how can you make decisions that not only keep your marketing and creative employees—your most valuable resource—safe and healthy but also engaged and productive?

Two—how can you continue to attract top digital, creative, and marketing talent with your Return-to-Work strategy?

As experienced marketing recruiting professionals, we’re convinced of one thing: in order to have positive business outcomes, employers that offer flexibility and choice will win out on the retention and attraction of talented marketing employees. What happens when companies insist employees be on-site 100% of the time? They lose key players on their marketing teams, have difficulty filling vacant creative roles and their business suffers as a result. We’ve seen it happen, again and again.

We know that the Return-to-Work question is by no means an easy one. And it shouldn’t be, because the safety and future of your business and your people are at stake. That’s why we’ve come up with three key insights to consider as you devise your company’s strategy.

Hybrid options appear to be the most popular. A number of big tech companies, like Salesforce, Facebook and Amazon have opted for hybrid, while others, like Spotify, are still giving their employees the option to work from anywhere they choose. This flexibility comes down to the basics of what we know about human behavior. Some of us crave more connection; others less. Some of us are energized by a new environment, or less distracted in an office than we would be at home. Some of us enjoy work-from-home, finding it much more productive than we’d expect. Give your marketing employees a range of options that help them shine.

Worksite safety preparation is not negotiable. Businesses that take safety and health precautions seriously are the ones who are finding it easiest to retain their employees and attract new ones. It’s always been true that companies where employees feel cared for, considered, and protected are the ones keeping and luring top talent, but the pandemic has brought this into sharper, starker relief. In fact, there’s a push for companies to employ Chief Health Officers, or CHOs, in order to better safeguard their workers. If you do everything you can to keep your employees safe and healthy, your business will thrive.

Ask for input as you prepare. We at True Talent Group are here to offer our clients actionable insight and seasoned perspective on what it takes to keep your marketing employees happy and hire new creative professionals. To learn more about how True Talent Group can help you with your contract, direct hire, and contract-to-hire needs, visit: