Make the Interview Work for You!

Job hunting can be nerve-wracking! But your resume and cover letter got you an interview (yay!). You know you have amazing skills – and you would be a great addition to this company. But how do you make the interview work for you?

To help you get your dream job, here are the 7 best tips for before, during and after the interview:

Before the Interview 

  1. Research the Company

Did you know that 47% of hiring managers have eliminated candidates for lack of company knowledge?  Check their website, read reviews on Glassdoor and ask your network what they know! 

  1. Craft Your Personal Story

Come prepared to share details about your relevant experience and craft a brief engaging story about your employment journey. Focus on how your experience will benefit your potential new employer.

During the Interview 

  1. Know Your Body!

More than 33% of hiring managers say they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they’ll make a job offer to the candidate (wow!). Master the art of the perfect handshake, make eye contact and visually show you are engaged by nodding and having a confident posture.

  1. Ask When to Expect a Decision

It is perfectly OK to ask when you can expect to hear back on next steps. Don’t leave the interview feeling left in the dark about when they are going to make a final decision. 

  1. If You Want the Job, Say So!

Don’t let there be any question about whether or not you want the job. If, by the end of your interview, you’re still feeling excited and want to move forward with the company, say so!

After the Interview 

  1. Send a Thank-You Email

Send a personalized thank-you to everyone you met. Mention a small personal detail, mutual interest or topic point you discussed with each person, and it’ll solidify the great impression you made on them. 

  1. Follow Up, But Not Too Much

If you don’t hear back within four or five business days, follow up with the hiring manager or HR rep.  Keep the follow-up short but use it to reiterate your interest and unique skills. If you have followed up more than twice and haven’t heard back, it’s time to move on.

Make the most of these tips so 2017 is the year you land your dream job!