Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Talent With True Talent Group®

Have questions about hiring talent? Get answers and learn more about the True Talent Group® approach to working with talent.

I’m Looking to Hire Talent.


How long will it take me to find talent?

Because we have a strong network and vetted talent (over 16,000), True Talent Group® is equipped to find you the right candidate in a timely manner. While we can’t guarantee how long the process takes, it can take anywhere from about a week (or a less) for contracts and short-term temp work, and around 30 days for direct hires. These timelines vary, but we’re ready to work within your parameters!

I’m looking for talent – what’s my first step?

We are flexible in our work style and want to make sure YOUR needs are met! We’ll need a few things to get started like a written job order and quick phone or video chat to talk about who your ideal candidate might be. Next, we’ll do a culture check (looking at overall office culture, pace and process) so we know who’ll fit best in your work environment. Then we look for the right candidates in our continuously evolving talent database. We’ll screen talent, meet with them via video conferencing and procure a short list for you to review. From there, we’ll schedule interviews and answer any questions you have along the way. Once you choose a candidate, we work out the details. Our job doesn’t stop once a candidate is hired – we follow up to make sure everything works out. True Talent Group® wants to be your long-term hiring partner!

What areas does True Talent Group® specialize in hiring?

We focus on marketing, creative and digital roles. A list of what we commonly fill (this is not exhaustive) includes:

  • Creative Directors
  • Account Executives
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Directors
  • Marketing Analysts
  • VP of Marketing
  • Managers
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Production Artists


Do you hire talent to work onsite or offsite?

The good news is, we have talent that’s equipped to do BOTH. Have a job that requires onsite and offsite work? Or just working from home? Let’s talk more.

What can I expect from TTG throughout the recruiting or staffing process?

We take a proactive, hands-on approach to working with you because we want you to be satisfied and come to us for future needs. We take time to understand your culture and needs so we can find matches that’ll be successful and flourish. Our team also check-in after a candidate is placed and make sure talent is everything they said they were!

I’m not sure if I need an agency now, but I might soon. What’s my next step?

Let’s chat. The more information we have (even if a job order isn’t quite ready), the better. We can keep your future needs within our radar!

What unique value does TTG bring in the recruiting process?

At True Talent Group®, we place added emphasis on culture, process and pace. And this is unique to our agency! We know that by taking the time to visit your office (onsite or virtually) we can then find the best matches for you. Our talent pool has more than 16,000 pros and is continuously evolving. We want to find and match you with top talent and have a team of industry experts ready to go.

What should I look for in an agency if I’m hiring temps or employees?

Work with an agency that’ll do the work in understanding your company, values and culture. Pick one with a proven track record and experience in the industry, as well as one that doesn’t fall off the radar once you find the right match. True Talent Group is here in your corner providing all that and more!