Three Musts for Finding the Perfect Candidate

It’s what we call Rocktober over here at TTG; it’s our busiest month of the year. Everyone is striving to finish strong, and we’re here to help you make that happen.

If you’re a Twin Cities marketing or creative leader looking to hire, our founder Stacey Stratton recommends these three musts for getting your perfect candidate:

  1. Get connected
    When hiring, it’s often who you know – the power of a strong network is everything. At True Talent Group, we host leadership roundtables to get marketing and creative leaders more connected – many of our clients meet future connections and peers through these and other events we host. To get on the list, be sure to email
  2. Showcase value
    Employees these days want to learn about the total package, not just the compensation. Before you walk into your interview, really understand your organizational value pitch to win a potential candidate over. What are your core values? Who fits your culture? What makes your organization a great place to work? Rock these answers and your candidate will most likely be thrilled to be an employee.
  3. Be decisive (and swift)
    When you interview candidates, and you find the right fit in today’s market, make an offer that day if possible. Top talent is challenging to find, so when you find them, move swiftly.

With unemployment close to zero, it’s crucial to be on your A-game when hiring. Let us know if you need help finding your perfect marketing or creative pro to join your team.