It’s time to meet…Maura Kipp!

Question: What’s your name and title?

Answer: My name is Maura Kipp. Director of Sales & Recruiting at True Talent Group. I’ll be working on sales which means I’ll be connecting with hiring managers and companies. I’ll also be working on recruiting which means I’ll be finding talent and working with them to get placed.

Question: Tell us what you’re most excited about with your new job at True Talent Group?

Answer: I’m excited to work with an accomplished team that’s under great leadership, as well as working with the community and building more connections!

Question: Let’s hear about your background – what school did you go to and what’s your career been so far?

Answer: I went to school at the College of St. Benedict. After that I took some time off and then made my way into the jewelry industry. It was super fun and exciting because I was working day-to-day with high-end luxury items. During that time, I had a wonderful mentor who encouraged me to transition into the technology industry. I started with a value-added re-seller and was selling everything from routers, servers and computers. From there, I got in the executive search business and focused in the emerging growths market. And now today, I’m here with True Talent Group!

Question: What have you done in 2020 that you’ve found valuable and enjoyable?

Answer: I spent a lot of time with my mother during her last few months on earth. She was a very inspirational woman and spending time with her was a true gift for both me and my daughter. We spent lots of time laughing, reading poetry and having great discussions.

Question: What do you like to do in your free time?

Answer: In my free time I love attending my 14-year-old daughter’s sporting events. She plays volleyball right now and most recently made the switch from ice skating to hockey. I spend a lot of time in arenas! I love anything outside – like bike riding, walking and working out. Netflix shows are great! Spending time with friends is important to me (when it’s safe to see one another) and I love to laugh!

Question: What are 3 words your friends would use to describe you?

Answer: Energetic. Kind. And fun.