It’s True

“The quality of talent that Stacey and team at True Talent provided was a game changer for my department. As we struggled to make sense of the chaos taking place within our work flow, we knew we were on a bad path. Something had to change. If things continued in this fashion, our client satisfaction, and internal operations were going to implode.

Fortunately, I was able to locate a few dollars to run a test. We wanted to see how plugging in the right people, would affect our business if we took a divide and conquer approach. I knew paramount to this test would be incorporating high caliber of talent. We didn’t have time for soft, or weak skillsets. In the words of the recording artist EMINEM, “We had one shot”.

True Talent was able to identify a great selection of candidates, of which we chose two. And to compound our challenges, a situation occurred in which our chosen talent needed to start almost a month sooner than anticipated. Needless to say, there was essentially no onboarding, or getting up to speed period. They had to drink from the firehose.

As of today, I’m thrilled to report we’ve experienced a calm in the ocean, a thorough house cleaning within our operations and work flows, and overall, better day-to-day approaches that are sustainable. This likely wouldn’t have happened for months, or years without the two individuals True Talent provided to our company. I’m certain of this.

As a Director, my level of stress has decreased, my employees are happier, my clients are happier, we’re more efficient, and honestly, I sleep better at night…a lot less lying in bed worrying about the following days.”

-Chris R., Sr. Art Director & Brand+Creative Manager, Client


“I wanted to let you know that Bri has reminded us (again) this week why we are so grateful to have her on the team. We had two presentations in the last two days, one that was a total curveball and a mad rush in half a day (and an executive project at that), and another where we had several contributors, but we needed someone to pull it all together.

Bri stepped up and did an amazing job wrangling everything, while also adding her own creative ideas to the mix. This came at a time when several of the people teaming up were unavailable, so it was great to have someone we could depend on to see the projects through.

Bri continues to be an indispensable resource for us. And she likes to bring donuts, too, which is never a bad thing. : )”

– Dan W., Client

“I met up with True Talent roughly 5 years ago and never thought that this would be the year that out of the blue I would call Stacey and find the perfect job. Stacey encouraged me, gave me tips and was in constant communication along the way in helping me change my life mentally and physically. Going from a crazy exhausting job to a more life balanced job has done wonders for my health and well being. I can’t thank her and the True Talent staff enough for everything. The care, support, communication and commitment that True Talent has to their team and clients is above and beyond. I can’t say enough good things.”

– Michelle N., Talent

“True Talent has repeatedly sent us the most desirable, highest quality candidates. Observing our present contractors, I have seen the way True Talent treats their people. They promote the highest standards in that area as well.”

– Dan W., Client

“TTG has exceeded my expectations for a recruiter. The other recruiters that I have used, I was just a number in their system and there aren’t any customizing options when it comes to finding the perfect placements. At TTG, it’s very easy to communication with everyone, quick to respond with an answer and each time I’ve been placed in a new contract, it has been perfect for me and the client.”

– True Talent Group Contract Employee

“You guys have been a HUGE help with these crazy projects. I don’t have any clue how we could have gotten this work done without the excellent talent you’ve been able to source on such short notice!”

– Kristy S., Client

“The True Talent Group has been outstanding in their professionalism and success in finding a job for me that’s a perfect fit. True Talent Group’s service and skills have been the best of the best! The personal attention, responsiveness and eye for detail have given me the greatest respect and appreciation for her, and everyone working there, the irreplaceable value of the True Talent Group in my career. Thank you, True Talent Group!”

– Josh P., Senior Designer/Talent

“Boutique feel with the special touch and customer care that is necessary in a hectic and demanding business environment. With only so many hours in the day, they take the pressure off with new hire searches.”

– True Talent Group Client

“I’ve worked with Stacey for seven years, and I can say I’ve never found a recruiter who cares more personally about both her clients and those who work with her. This extends to ensuring she finds the right fit for everyone involved—and keeping an open line of communication. Stacey is always the first person I call when I’m ready for a new challenge—she has been integral to the growth of my career.”

– Kristin F., Senior Project Manager/Talent

“Stacey Stratton is one of a kind, and she is passionate about the people she represents. She goes far beyond “leadership”; it’s obvious she honestly cares about the people she represents. The awards and recognition she does for her people are above and beyond. There isn’t even a close second to True Talent. “

– True Talent Group Client

“It was a pleasure to work with True Talent! Stacey is a true professional. She is also very kind and down to earth. She was a tremendous help to me during my interviewing process at Aveda, and I got the job! I highly recommend working with True Talent; they really care.”

– Julie G., Packaging Designer/Talent

“I have worked with True Talent to find contractors for my website development company for the past several months, and I can’t imagine why I would work with anyone else! True Talent has been amazing to work with! We are a small company but Stacey and her team treat us like we are their most important client. They are such a wonderful group of women who are very talented at finding the perfect contractors to fit our needs! I would highly recommend Stacey and her team at True Talent!!!”

– Suzie M., Client

“I have worked with True Talent Group for about three years, first as a client and most recently, as an employee. I simply cannot say enough positive things about Stacey. She possesses a rare combination of incredible warmth, compassion and business savvy that makes her amazing to work with.”

– Angela A., Writer/Talent

“In my role as Creative Services Manager, I found Stacey to be a key member of my recruiting team. She understood my needs and was very knowledgeable at providing me the right resources. I would definitely contact Stacey again; she eliminated my staffing stress and always went above and beyond the task at hand.”

– Beth D., Client

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get me here! I’m so blessed to have you in my life and so grateful for your guidance. You’re spectacular!”

– Kristine S., Marketing Specialist/Talent

“A true professional, Stacey provides timely, on-the-mark and accurate customer service. Her listening skills are amazing, her follow-through beats all others and her attention to detail cannot be matched.”

– Jennifer H., Client