Reputation Management

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Reputation Management

The great thing about social media is that it is everywhere. Everyone is using it.  Pictures of kids and pets, vacations and even struggles help us feel connected with family and friends.

But the problem about social media is that it is everywhere.  Everyone is using it.  How do you ensure that Social Media becomes an asset to your reputation?

  1. Your Facebook page is no longer a closed circle of your closest family and friends. Potential employers look at what you last week, last month—or even last decade—to assess your overall fit within an organization.
  1. Your personal brand, as collected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all now make up a large part of your personal brand. While this might not be an accurate all-compassing picture of who you are as an individual—this ‘personal’ brand also becomes part of your professional brand.  Make sure they align.
  1. Think about each post and how it could be viewed by your future boss. Sometimes it’s OK to just share a moment with a small group of friends via text!

Social media can be such an amazing connector and a means by which you can inspire and show others how amazing you are!

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